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23 in Moscow on November Gambero Rosso will present the best wines of Italy

The premiere of the guide Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia 2017 is scheduled to be held in Rome on October 30. This year, Russian wine expert, Gambero Rosso brand ambassador in Russia Dmitry Fedotov took part in the tasting commission.

Wine Marathon Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri World Tour will make a stop in Moscow in November 23. Like last year, the most titled Italian wineries present their most significant wine on Di Telegraph site that Gazetny Lane. Already in the near future will be announced schedule numerous activities and workshops, because, on the occasion of the anniversary, Gambero Rosso prepare a special, expanded program. In addition, this year the company importers will be able to independently prepare an application for participation in the exhibition - we need only wait for the publication of the names of all the wines that have received Tre Bicchieri.

The anniversary guide will not appear in Russia before the end of November. So while you can buy only the latest edition of the past year - Vini d'Italia 2016. It is still relevant and has not lost its information value, because all these wines are still available on the shelves of shops and wine lists of restaurants. In addition, any guide Gambero Rosso - a real wine encyclopedia that will help in the choice of wine and amateurs, and professionals vinotorgovogo market.

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