ASF can close the export via the Black Sea ports

The spread of the virus of African swine fever (ASF) may force Rosselkhoznadzor enter quarantine in the Krasnodar region, said the TV channel "Russia 24» Head of Service Sergei Dankvert. 10 outbreaks, he said, unrelated, were reported in November in different districts of the region, the situation is not controlled.

The cases of ASF, write "Sheets" referring to the administration of Krasnodar region, recorded in Pavlovsk, Tikhoretsk, Temryuk and Yeisk district. The main reason for the spread of ASF believes Dankvert - population throws away the corpses of the fallen pigs in the forest belt, wild boars are infected and become carriers of the virus.

The development of pig breeding in private farms is actively supported by the regional authorities, acknowledged Dankvert. According to the law, accounting for pigs in personal farms is based only on information from owners, the head of the Krasnodar Territory veterinary department Georgy Jailidy (quoted from the website of the regional administration) points out: the data may differ significantly from the real ones, which means that sanitary norms are not observed, which leads to diseases .

In the Krasnodar region, according to Rosselkhoznadzor, 430 000-450 000 pigs in private farms - 3000-3500. In 2012, in the province quarantine, she recalls the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor, one way to combat the virus became the ransom of pigs region from their farms, so that they were engaged in alternative livestock species.

In November, ASF was reported on two reproductive farms and one feeding complex of the Kuban Bacon enterprise (part of the Tkachev Agrocomplex belonging to relatives of Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev), Interfax reported. A representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor office for the Krasnodar Territory confirmed the information Kuban Bacon will destroy almost 51 000 pigs. How many pigs at Agrocomplex them. Tkachev, it is not known: CEO Yevgeny Khvorostiny’s phone did not answer, it was not possible to receive comments on the Kuban Bacon. Familiar company executives believe that Agrokompleks them. Tkachev about 300 000 pigs, of which 100 000 - in the Rostov region.

If quarantine in the Krasnodar region will be introduced again, movement of grain in the province can be stopped, including for export, Dankvert said: "We have [foreign partners] guarantees to give [security products]." The decision will be made this week, he warned.

It will collapse, says the executive director of "Sovecon" center Andrei Sizov: a collapse in grain prices in the domestic market, the jump in prices in the world. The general director of the Institute Dmitry Rylko conjuncture of the agrarian market knows that winter is exported through the Black Sea ports of half or more of Russian grain.

Exports of grain from Russia still lags behind last year, despite a record harvest, reminds Rylko. On November 23 2016 15 820 of exported ton of grain, or 0,8% less than at the same time in 2015 of such data of Federal Customs Service of the Ministry of Agriculture results. If the winter is mild, as in the past year, and the Sea of ​​Azov freezes over, the grain will be exported, and in this way, Rylko hopes.

It is unlikely that exports will be stopped, says the top manager of a major grain trader, there are no prerequisites for this. Sizov also believes that in the whole region quarantine unlikely: most likely will 5-kilometer zone around the outbreak.

Krasnodar Territory Governor Veniamin Kondratyev, his press office informs, instructed to conduct extraordinary checks and suggested that additional sanitary checkpoints should be set up to prevent ASF in the region. The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture declined to comment.

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