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Excise duty on beer in Estonia will increase to 65%

The new ruling coalition will raise the rate of excise duty on beer from July 2017 year 65% to 13,7 cents per liter, but in 2020, the excise duty will increase by 166% percent compared with the level of 2016 years, that is, more than doubled to 22,09 cents at the same time, with the duty on spirits it does not equalize, reports LETA / BNS.

"Increasing excise rates take into account the fact that cross-border trade between Finland and Estonia will be reduced to a certain extent, and between Latvia and Estonia will increase to a certain extent," - poyasnilapress-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Maria Murakas.

As is now the excise tax on beer is 8,30 cent growth rate of this tax will be quite sharp. Already in February, the tax rate will increase to 9,13 cents per liter, it is planned to further past the government, but in July 2017 years, in accordance with the new coalition's plans, the rate will increase to 13,7 cents per liter.

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