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Excise on sparkling wines can grow to 36 rubles

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes supported the amendment to the bill aimed at implementing the main directions of the tax policy, which increases the excise rate on sparkling wines (champagne) from 2017.

Now the rate of excise tax on sparkling wines (champagne) is set at 26 rubles per liter, and with a protected geographical indication, with a protected appellation of origin - 13 rubles. At the same time, the Tax Code provides for their increase from 2017 of the year to 27 and 14 rubles, respectively.

The revision of the bill introduced by the government of the Russian Federation and adopted by the State Duma in the first reading, established on 2017-2019 years excise rates on these categories of wines in the amount of 14 and 27 rubles per liter, respectively.

However, United Russia deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov introduced an amendment to the bill, which proposed to establish an excise rate on sparkling wines (champagne) on 2017-2019 in the amount of 36 rubles per liter, and on protected ones - 19 rubles.

At a meeting of the budget committee, a number of deputies opposed the amendment, including Fyodorov’s colleagues in the faction and committee. In particular, Raisa Karmazina proposed to reject the amendment. “You are in crisis for the New Year - and people will not buy bottles of champagne, what are we chasing them, Braga to drink,” she motivated her suggestion.

And Gennady Kulik suggested to take into account that today it is impossible to put a bottle of sparkling wine worth less than 150 rubles into the distribution network, as a result of which “implementation has decreased. “A record harvest of grapes has been obtained, and this will end with the fact that we will boil the tiller from it, because consumption has fallen due to the fact that we have a general decline in income,” the parliamentarian suggested.

Andrei Makarov, head of the budget committee, was an active supporter of the adoption of the amendment. “From my point of view, the amendment of deputy Fedorov is to protect the Crimea, i.e. create and put it in better conditions than those who carry it from somewhere. And second, to force, to push those who actually produce grapes in the country, that is, to support domestic vineyards, ”said the deputy.

At the same time, he stressed that he does not like the rules that provide preferences for only one company. “And what we have today, without this amendment, is the support of one single company. This amendment is just made to equalize the regime and not to represent the regime of support for one separately existing company, ”added Makarov.

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