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Excise duties on alcohol in 2017 will grow according to plan

Excise taxes on alcohol in the Russian Federation in 2018-2019 will increase by the level of inflation, in 2017 the indexation will be carried out as provided for by the Tax Code, the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Ilya Trunin reports to RIA Novosti.

Excise rates on alcoholic beverages with a share of ethyl alcohol up to 9% and alcohol-containing products from 400 rubles per liter in 2016 will increase in 2017 to 418 rubles. For alcoholic beverages with a share of ethyl alcohol over 9%, the excise rate is 2016 rubles per liter in 500, 2017 rubles in 523, for ethyl alcohol sold to organizations that do not pay an advance excise tax - 102 rubles and 107 rubles, respectively.

“For 2017 it will be like now in NK. Then - on inflation, ”- said Trunin.

The Ministry of Economic Development announced its intention to propose lowering the rates of excise taxes on alcohol as part of the preparation of the budget for 2017 in early March, arguing this by the significant growth of the shadow market over the past two years. The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the FAS supported the idea, but the Ministry of Finance criticized it, pointing out that in conditions of a deficit budget, excise taxes on other goods, such as gasoline, were forced by the authorities to raise.

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