Alcohol entrust driving licenses

As it became known to Kommersant, the Russian authorities are going to expand the list of documents that the cashier is entitled to demand from the buyer of alcohol to determine the age, including a driver's license from March 2017.

This measure is supported by retailers: today they are forced to abandon approximately 1% of transactions with alcohol due to the lack of a passport from the buyer.

The draft government decree, which includes a driver's license in the list of documents to establish the age of the buyer of alcoholic beverages, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This was reported in the letter of the Ministry (a copy is from “Kommersant”) from November 22 to one of the retailers. It follows that the relevant decree will take effect from March 31 on 2017. The Ministry of Industry and Trade did not respond to the request of “Ъ”. Representatives of two retail chains and the head of the Retail Companies Association (AKORT), Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev, are aware of the upcoming changes.

The reason for expanding the list of documents, the presentation of which gives the right to purchase alcohol, was a legal conflict, indicates one of the retailers. The fact is that a similar list of documents for the purchase of cigarettes and other tobacco products already includes a driver's license, he recalls. “It turns out that it is possible to sell products with the same age qualification according to a different set of documents,” the interlocutor wonders.

Today, in addition to the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the seller is entitled to require a foreign, diplomatic or service passport, temporary identity card, seaman’s or foreign citizen passport, military ID, residence permit or temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation, refugee certificate or certificate of granting to determine the age of the alcohol buyer. temporary asylum in Russia. For the sale of alcohol to a minor, a fine of 30-50 thousand rubles. for individuals, 100-200 thousand rubles. for officials and 300-500 thousand rubles. for legal entities. Repeated violation threatens to prosecute.

A representative of a large retail network says that because of the inability to sell alcohol on a passport, one has to give up about 1% of all transactions with alcohol.

Almost every day there are situations in stores where a cashier refuses to sell alcohol to a buyer for a driver's license in the absence of a passport, says Anton Panteleyev from Dixy Group of Companies. “This is almost always a conflict situation and the cause of complaints about the work of cashiers, who thoroughly execute the law and cannot interpret its requirements expansively,” he adds.

The Minpromtorg initiative, according to Mr. Lomakin-Rumyantsev, is useful and will make life easier for many. “The passport takes up quite a lot of space; it is not very convenient to take it with you all the time, especially during the summer period for men who do not carry any bag. A driver's license in this sense is a good document containing all the information necessary for determining the age, ”he argues. The press service of Metro Cash & Carry also stated that they are positive about the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as it provides more opportunities for the store employee to determine the age of the client. The task of the law is not to prevent the purchase of alcohol, but to ensure that the buyer reaches the age of majority, agrees Petr Shelisch, chairman of the Consumer Union of Russia. He recalled that the union for several years advocated the expansion of the list of documents allowing to purchase alcohol.

The idea of ​​the Ministry of Industry and Trade is supported by beer producers. “A driver's license is the same ID showing the person’s age, like a passport, passport and military ID,” says Heineken corporate affairs director Kirill Bolmatov. At the same time, he notes, people often carry a driver’s license with them than a passport.

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