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Drinking from a single source

Federal food network asked the government to create a single body that would issue them a license to trade in alcohol. The goal - to avoid the administrative barriers on the part of regional authorities, whose claims to the issuance of licenses vary widely.

The second largest Russian food retailer, X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel), appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin with a letter requesting that the Rosalkogolregulirovaniye (RAP), along with profile associations and experts, consider improving The procedure for licensing alcohol trade, told Kommersant source familiar with the situation. He specified that all major retailers are in favor of creating a federal licensing body. "Such powers, for example, can be given to the RAP," the source said. This issue, he said, was already discussed at a meeting with Mr. Khloponin at the end of 2015.

In H5 confirmed sending the letter. The unit Deputy Prime Minister stated that the appeal sent to the Government, will be considered in due course. The press service of PAP reported that H5 received a letter: "In fact, it comes to dealing with manifestations of regional separatism. We discussed a number of changes to the existing legislation to address this problem. "

Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of Retailers (ACORT) Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev confirmed that he had stated this idea at a meeting in the government. "Federal networks operate as a single organism - it would be logical to provide them with such an option," he said. Today, regional authorities are licensed to sell liquor, which, at their own discretion, is entitled to determine, for example, the distance from the kindergarten or dental office to the store and, in accordance with this, authorize the sale of alcohol or not, a representative of a large retailer says. "There is no single approach to the issue: someone measures the distance in a straight line, someone on pedestrian paths, etc.," he complains. Thus, licensing authorities of some entities use their resources for excessive administrative pressure on trade networks, complains another participant in the retail market.

The emergence of a single federal body for licensing large players will reduce the pressure on them of regional authorities, which at the expense of this sometimes "encourage" retailers to sell alcoholic beverages locally, explains the head of AKORT. At the same time, this can put regional networks in less favorable conditions, a representative of one of the local retailers believes. "It's no secret that local authorities often use difficulties in issuing licenses as a kind of way to protect the territories in favor of regional retailers," he says. The Union of Independent Networks does not yet understand how the system proposed by federal competitors can earn. "Following this logic, it is necessary to divide into other issues of industry regulation into federal and regional networks. By what principle will determine who is licensed by the RAR, and by whom - local authorities, when the legislation does not have a clear division? "- are asked in the union.

Today, the authorities of the regions to resolve controversial issues when issuing licenses for the sale of alcohol appeal to the PAP, says Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship Viktor Zvagelsky. The best option, he believes, could be the transfer of licensing authority to interregional offices of the service. “But this will require additional funding, with which problems may arise,” the deputy stressed. He added that an exception could be made for cities of federal importance, while maintaining the existing system, since it is quite effective. One of the regional officials responsible for the licensing of trade agrees with this: “We have 15 people serving 7,5 thousand licensees, all funds go to the local budget, I see no point in dividing and duplicating the licensing functions at the federal and regional levels, especially since federal officials are not always aware of all the subtleties of the situation in the subject. ”

Officials are already discussing other measures to adjust the license rules in the field of sale of alcohol. For example, the Ministry of Economy in April recommended the Ministry of Industry to study the issue of reducing the cost of the license to 65 8 thousand. Rub. provided that it will be acquired for each store.

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