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Anna Olson will take part in the festival Taste of Moscow

Anna Olson - famous confectioner from Canada with 15-years of experience, leading their own cooking shows and author of books 7 recipes. After Anna was educated in the United States in the field of classical cooking, I decided to start a confectionery business, and thus became famous.

Anna says that for her, confectionery and baking is not just a job, but a favorite hobby.

Anna is not only a well-known pastry chef, but also a leading author show "Anna Olson: Baking Secrets" on TV Food Network. In this show she will show viewers how to cook a variety of desserts - from the simplest to the most sophisticated, including traditional French pastries and gorgeous donuts with raspberry jam.

To see the culinary talent of Anna Olson live, as well as to participate in its culinary master classes - come to the festival Taste of Moscow 4 and 5-June. At the stand of the TV channel Food Network will be held free cooking classes for everyone, during which participants will learn to cook pastry masterpieces together with leading, will be able to personally interact with Anna and learn the secrets of a perfect baking.

In addition to this, 5 June guests of the festival will be able to see a master class from Anna on the main stage Electrolux Taste Theatre, during which it will reveal its trade secrets of confectionary art. Channel Food Network and Anna Olson did not forget about the youngest visitors of the festival, for them and their parents 4 June Anna will hold a master class in the children's area Bake for someone, during which parents and children can cook together great pastry delights.

Food Network and Anna Olson await guests at the festival Taste of Moscow 4 and 5-June. Master classes, lectures, culinary surprises, tea room and much more on the television stand.

International Gastronomic Festival Taste of Moscow held 2-5 June prestigious avenue in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Organizers: Exhibition Company "Asti Group" (Russia) and the Taste Festivals (UK), with the support of the company Electrolux.

To learn more about the festival, as well as advance purchase tickets to the festival, please visit: Tickets are already on sale.

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