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APK programmiruût the growth of milk production

The Working Group of representatives of business, science and government prepared a draft program of development of dairy cattle breeding in the 2017-2025 years, calculated on the increase in raw milk production in Russia, and reducing dependence on imports.

The investments necessary for its realization are estimated at 61,7 billion rubles, Kommersant reports referring to one of the participants of the meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture with the participation of the director of the department of animal husbandry and breeding business, Kharon Amerkhanov, the text of the draft program and its authors.

The program proposes the creation of a working group for nine years, a single identification system for cattle, a network of independent genetic laboratories and breeding centers. Work on the development of genetics should engage professional associations, which will also be established in accordance with this program. According to the document, for nine years, who designed the program, domestic production of raw milk should grow up with 30,8 42,2 million tons - to 37%.

Authors of the program told the publication that farms are encouraged to promote genetics by redistributing existing support measures and allocating additional 5,8 billion rubles. Subsidies for the creation of infrastructure until 2020 year. In addition, the implementation of the program will lead to the loss of 113,8 billion rubles. Income budget from duties on imported raw milk to 2025 year. These funds are expected to compensate 131,5 billion rubles. Taxes that will be received from the Russian dairy and related industries. In addition, the implementation of the program may lead to an increase in the export of Russian butter and cheese.

In 2015 year were sold in Russia 37,4 million tons of raw milk, including 26% was imported. The program's authors are counting on growth in consumption to the year before 2025 46,9 million tons and the decline in the share of imported raw materials to 9%.

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