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Arkady Abramovich shared vegetables

The son of a businessman Roman Abramovich Arkady found a partner for its agricultural business. They became Irina Panchenko - a former financier "Sibneft" and Millhouse, as well as co-owner of "selling" food group.

She received 25% in "Greenhouse", which plans to build a greenhouse complex worth 6 billion rubles.

From the end of October, owner of 25% of the group "Prodo" Irina Panchenko received a quarter of the business of OOO "Greenhouse", according to the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The rest of the share directly and through Sigma Capital is controlled by the son of Roman Abramovich Arkady. Greenhouse plans to build in the Belgorod region a greenhouse complex with a projected capacity of 2020 thousand tons of vegetables per year by investing 95 billion rubles. On the site over 6 hectares of excavation began, the first 100 ha of greenhouses can be launched in 24 year, a regional official told Kommersant. In the "Greenhouse" and "Prodo" declined to comment.

The Prodo group was established in 2004 with the help of the investment company Millhouse, which manages the assets of Roman Abramovich and other former shareholders of Sibneft. It unites poultry, pig-breeding and meat-processing enterprises in eight regions. It produces products under the brands "Klinsky", "Troyekurovo", "Tsarskaya Hunt", etc. According to the magazine "Agroinvest", the group that released last year 192,4 thousand tons of products, is the eighth line in the rating of the largest meat producers in the country. Revenue Prodo in 2015 year, according to Forbes, amounted to 36,4 billion rubles. Mrs. Panchenko, as the sources say, enters the nearest circle of Roman Abramovich. In different years she worked as a financial director of Sibneft and Millhouse, and also held the post of deputy governor of Chukotka, when the region was headed by Mr. Abramovich.

"The synergy of combining vegetable growing division and meat production is only possible at the organizational level. For Russia, it is not uncommon vertically integrated agro-holdings include a variety of directions ", - says head of the Center for Economic Forecasting Gazprombank Daria Snitko.

According to her, buying a stake in the project company usually means that the founder will participate in the financing of the project in proportion to its share. As noted by the expert, the owners certainly will not be limited to its own facilities and will attract bank financing in the amount of up to 50% 70% of the project cost. Thus, Irina Panchenko may invest in the construction of 450-750 million rubles.

After reaching the output of 95 thousand. Tons greenhouse complex "Greenhouse" will be one of the largest in the country. Among similar scale projects - Agricultural Complex "Southern" (owned by AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko), where the gradual doubling of capacity is now planned from the current 40 thousand tons.. In addition, construction of greenhouses on 113 hectares with a total capacity of about 90 thousand. Tons a year plans to 2020, the UK "Technology hothouse growth," Sergei and Sergei Adoneva Rukina.

President of the Meat Board of the Common Economic Space Mushegh Mamikonyan believes that "selling" has decided to take the greenhouse business, perhaps because of the favorable situation in the vegetable market. For tomato market will remain unsaturated for about three years, said executive director of the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Mikhail Glushkov. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the country today has about 2,8 thousand. Ha of greenhouses, picking vegetables they grew 2015 4% in the year and exceeded 700 thousand. Tonnes.

According to the interlocutor, "Kommersant" in the large agricultural holdings, the payback period of the plant area 100 hectares given state support up to eight years, without subsidies - more than ten years. As previously reported, the Ministry of Agriculture is suspended consideration of applications for subsidies 20% CAPEX, including greenhouse projects, due to lack of budgetary funds.

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