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LRA spill "White Birch" in Moscow

Manufacturer of vodka "Five Lakes" and "White Birch" - Siberian Alcohol Group (ASG) has been running a factory in Moscow, formerly owned by the Ukrainian company "Soyuz-Victan." On this platform, able to produce 3 million decaliters per year, the LRA in 2017, the transfer of the volumes from its Omsk enterprise, enabling it to optimize logistics and transport costs.

In the option to purchase the plant for three years at the company.

As Kommersant was told in the LRA, the company became the operator of a distillery in the Ruza district of the Moscow region. The enterprise is on the balance of Novaya Ruza LLC, registered 1 August 2016. According to the database "SPARK-Interfax", at the time of registration, the owner of the company was Alexander Gorin, but a month later it became Cypriot "Amoletti Ltd," whose beneficiaries are unknown. Andrey Kuzmin, the manager of the LNG, formerly head of its sole enterprise in Omsk (OOO Omskvinprom, is included in the top 3 largest vodka factories in the Russian Federation) is the general director of Novaya Ruza. The details of the agreement with the owner of "Novaya Ruza" concerning the management of the enterprise are not disclosed in the LRA.

The plant in Ruza was launched in 2003 year GC "Vestor", which produced vodka "Tsar's doctor", "Politburo", etc. According to "Vestora", construction of the company cost $ 15 million. In 2005, the owner of the plant was the Ukrainian Company "Soyuz-Victan", transferred to him the output of products for Russia. Due to financial difficulties that led to its bankruptcy, from September 2008 the production in Ruza was stopped. According to the top manager of one of the alcohol companies, the owners of Soyuz-Viktan retained control over the plant and brands. "But, despite the existence of its plant, it was cheaper for them to organize a spill in Tatarstan," he said. Now the brands Soyuz-Viktana - "On birch brunks", Medoff, "Mernaya" - are produced at the facilities of "Tatspirtprom" at the request of the Russian vodka holding, the beneficiaries of which are unknown.

At present, as the LRA has said, the Ruza plant is undergoing a licensing process. The launch of production is planned for the second quarter of 2017. After that, a part of the volumes from "Omskvinprom" will be transferred to the enterprise. It will be vodka "White Birch", "Husky", "Tselnyashka" and a number of other products. The flagship brand ASG "Five Lakes", positioned as vodka from Siberia, in full will continue to be produced in Omsk. The company emphasizes that in Ruza only its own brands will be produced. In a year the plant is capable of producing 3 million dal a year. Over the past year, ASG has poured 4,5 million of its products.

The LRA said that the launch of the enterprise in Ruza happens with the active support of the government of the Moscow region, which plans to create a year 2018 6,2 thousand. New jobs in the region. Ruza 400 plant will create jobs.

The search for the production site in the central part of Russia ASG has been engaged for several years. For example, in 2012, she negotiated the purchase of the Rodnik and K plant near Moscow, which was acquired last year by Ukrainian Global Spirits, the owner of Khortitsa vodka. The need for a second enterprise in LNG is explained by the desire to simplify logistics and reduce transportation costs. "Today, up to 70% of the volume of consumption of LNG products falls on Central Russia," - explained the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ASG Andrei Strelets. The economic benefit from the second production site for LNG is not so obvious, says Alexander Mechetin, Chairman of the Board of Synergy (Belenkaya, Beluga): "On the one hand, the company will save on logistics, but, on the other hand, it will increase production costs On the maintenance of the plant. The cost of staff in the suburbs rather big. "

The LNG has an option to buy a plant in Ruza, which will operate for three years. According to the representative of the company, the way of "careful entry into the asset" was chosen in conditions when the investment activity in the vodka industry is close to zero. "We constantly read about the conservation of plants. Including this happens in the market leaders. In such conditions, it is not the trend of the market to acquire production capacities, "the LRA was told. Vadim Drobiz, director of the Institute of Digital Statistics, estimates the value of the plant in Ruza is not more than several million dollars. "Even with good equipment, its price will not be high, given that dozens of factories are idle all over the country," the expert explained.

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