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"ABC taste" goes to b2b

"ABC taste" has decided to develop a line of b2b: products that the network itself produces and imports, it will deliver to airports, cafes, restaurants, as well as in schools and other children's institutions.

So the retailer expects to increase sales without investing significant funds. However, according to some experts, to combine such different businesses in one company will be quite difficult.

As Vladimir Sadovin, the general director of Azbuki Vkusa, told Kommersant, the retailer started supplying imported products to third-party sales channels in November. "Today, the ABC of Taste" delivers alcohol to the business halls of Sheremetyevo Airport and participates in a tender for the supply of coffee for the sides of Aeroflot, "Mr. Sadovin said. "ABC of Taste" really won a tender for the delivery of certain types of alcohol products for the MasterCard business lounge, confirmed the head of the Sheremetyevo public relations center Anna Zakharenkova. "So far no negative feedback has been received and no complaints have been received," she added.

Mr. Sadovin notes that at the moment "ABC of Taste" considers it most promising to develop corporate sales with large companies, including those with participation in the capital of the state. Also, the retailer intends to begin deliveries of ready-made cooking to schools and other children's institutions. He recently launched a line of ready-made meals for children from the age of three, developed jointly with the Research Institute of Baby Food. In addition, according to the general director of the ABC of Taste, the network began supplying imported alcohol to the HoReCa facilities, but this project is still more of an image character: "We want the restaurant public to come back for alcohol to our stores later."

Diversification allows you to earn extra income without major investments, says Vladimir Sadovin. "In contrast to the retail outlet, to open which will require significant investment in facilities, equipment, personnel, etc., for the development of corporate sales the main investment -. Are specialists, which we draw from the market on this or that direction," - he says. Already by the end of this year, corporate sales can take 2% of the turnover of the company, said a top manager.

Revenue "ABC taste" on the basis of 2015 years 45,5 was bln. Share your own import now occupies 11% of the company's turnover.

Diversification of business usually does not start from a good life, says Dmitri Tokarev, partner of Retaility consulting company. "The development of the distribution direction can give a certain synergy with the retail in management, personnel policy, but they have different ideology, so it will be difficult to combine these businesses in one company," he said. The general director of Infoline-Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov does not agree: "The development of corporate sales will help optimize the cost of the bones, load the capacities of the factory-kitchen, increase the volume of purchases from suppliers and direct imports and, accordingly, increase the purchasing power and increase profitability."

Mr. Burmistrov believes that thanks to the well-established logistics of the online store "ABC of Taste" - one of the few FMCG-retailers that can develop distribution without significant investment. "In addition to the online ordering system and vehicle fleet they have their own kitchen factory, their own fresh, direct imports, which creates a unique assortment that can be of interest to hotels, private schools and kindergartens of high price segment, as well as banquet halls, lounge- Zones in airports, etc., "- says the head of" Infoline-Analytics ". When working with such clients, he adds, the key factors in choosing a supplier are the quality of service and products, the possibility of flexible deliveries in small batches, and not the low price that the "ABC of Taste" objectively can not provide.

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