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"ABC taste" introduces biometric payments

Chain stores "ABC taste" started to implement the system of payment for the purchase of fingerprint, told "Kommersant" CEO Vladimir Sadovin retailer.

Biometric payments had already begun to take a shop on the avenue Nakhimov.

The decision to extend the system to all the stores of the ABC of Taste will be made following the results of the test period, which will last until the end of the year.

To the buyer was able to begin to pay for the purchase of a fingerprint, it must go through the registration procedure at the supermarket checkout. By credit card will be associated with the prints of two fingers. When shopping store visitor will be able to pay by applying one of the "registered" fingers to the terminal with the biometric scanner. This system does not require presentation of the card or entering a PIN code.

"Paying with biometrics takes a few seconds, as well as on the map, but the customer saves time on finding the card in your pocket or purse," - said Sadovin effect on innovation.

Operator biometric payment systems made by Sberbank. "Our project with the" ABC of Taste "- the first biometric project in the Russian retail sector", - said the director of management of merchant acquiring Sberbank Svetlana Kirsanova.

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