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Bacardi and Pernod Ricard are fighting for the Havana Club brand

Joint production of the Cuban government and the French alcohol manufacturer Pernod Ricard - Havana Club International - preparing to enter the US market, due to which the French company resumed its long-standing dispute with Bacardi manufacturer of brand Havana Club, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The question now is about the brand decides to district court in Washington.

"In the end, when the embargo will be removed, the final judge will be the American consumer. What does he prefer? Rum Havana Club, produced by the Cuban tradition of using sugar cane, or a copy of Puerto Rico "- says a spokesperson for Pernod Olivier Cavil.

"It will be an interesting fight," - said vice-president of Bacardi Fabio Di Dzhiammarko.

Pernod claims, reports the RNS, the Cuban government gave the company the right to sell Cuban rum under the Havana Club brand in worldwide 1993 year, including in the US, where the sale of the company's brand is now forbidden due to the trade embargo 1962 years.

Of Bacardi, in turn, claims that it owns the rights to the brand once bought them in Arechabalas family, who founded the Havana Club. Bacardi rum produces under the name Havana Club in Puerto Rico, and sells it in the United States.

At the Rum Havana Club, produced of Bacardi, now accounts 30% US rum market, at the same time, the manufacturer is faced with stiff competition Pernod outside the country, notes the WSJ. Thus, in the year 2015 4 million Pernod sold devyatilitrovyh Havana Club against 400 thousand boxes. Boxes in 1994 year.

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