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Barry Callebaut expects the Chinese market

Swiss chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut plans to build several more plants in China and to work with Chinese manufacturers to improve product quality, according to Chief Financial Officer Victor Balli company, quoted by Bloomberg.

“We think we should do it, can reduce the price a little, but slightly improve the taste,” said Bally. “As long as you conquer the market and expand, you will have to accept zero or very small margin. But you are already on the market, and when he grows up, you will grow with him. ”

In 2007 year Barry Callebaut built a plant for the manufacture of chocolate 20 million Swiss francs ($ 20,7 million) in Shanghai. The company no longer suffers losses, however, and not profitable, said Bally.

"We were naive. We think that the following enterprises will be located so: one in the north, one in the south, one in the west - that we are closer to the market. But with low investment, 5-6 million francs. We realized that we should not always invest 20 million francs. "

China accounts for about 2% of world consumption of chocolate. According to the forecasts, according to the RNS, the chocolate market in China will grow to the year 2020 47% - up to $ 4,6 billion.

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