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BCG predicted growth in the global sales of milk

The global volume of milk sales in the next three years will rise to 800 500 billion dollars with billions of dollars at the end of the year 2015, writes "BBC News," referring to the forecast of The Boston Consulting Group International Consulting Company (BCG).

“Prospects for revenue indicators are pretty bright: analysts predict that by 2020, sales will be 800 billion dollars, but companies cannot expect to succeed only due to increased demand,” says the BCG report.

As the company, in 2015, the category of dairy products showed the most significant and rapid revenue growth in the sector of food and beverages: sales volume worldwide has reached 500 billion dollars.

BCG notes that, in Russia, the problem of low investment activity in the sector remains unsolved. "The reasons for this - a disproportionately high cost of credit resources and the general unattractiveness of dairy cattle for investors because of the large payback period of investments in comparison with, for example, from pigs or poultry, where the payback period of investment projects is 5-7 years against 10-15 years milk ", - the report says.

Despite the introduction of Russian prodembargo at BCG opinion, the deficit of raw milk is stored.

"Opportunities for increasing its production in the short term is limited, according to a study" Soyuzmoloko "stagnating (2013 - 30,5 million tons, 2014 - 30,8 million tons, 2015 - 30,8 million tons) and reducing the number of cows (2013 - 8,7 million head, 2014 - 8,5 million head, 2015 - 8,4 million head) ", - the report says.

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