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Belgian beer brewery to build a pipeline

Belgian brewery De Halve Maan, located in the city of Bruges, soon complete construction of the beer pipeline, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The length of the pipeline is 3,2 km, it passes through the city center.

Capacity of the pipeline is 1,5 thousand gallons of beer per hour, the speed of passage of the beer through the line -. Approximately 20 km per hour.

The reason for the construction of the beer pipeline is that in 2010, the company relocated its bottling plant at the city limits. The owner of the brewery Xavier Vanneste noted that to obtain illegal access to the pipeline can not be because of the great strength of the pipe.

The project cost was € 4 million, € 300 thousand of which the owner attracted through investment. So, according to RNS, Vanneste offered membership cards to investors. The “gold” card cost € 7,5 thousand, its owner will be provided with a daily supply of beer Brugse Zot.

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