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Black Star Burger cook burgers for retail

Company Black Star will launch a Burger musician Timothy semis line supermarket together with "Zarechnoye", said the general director of RNS Black Star Paul Kuryanov.

"Who are the stage of negotiations with the Voronezh meat - the" Zarechnoye "that produces the meat for our burgernyh about how to start with them a line of meat products to supermarkets", - he said.

Yet to be determined when the line is running, because the product is still under development. This may be a semi-finished products - like steaks, burgers and ready - which will simply need to warm up. Three months after the launch of Black Star expects to sell about 2- 3 tonnes of meat per month.

"If you take the tonnage, I think that in the month of 2- 3 tons of meat in its pure form, we have to sell only to stores in the three months since its launch - Kuryanov said. - Since the launch has not been determined, we are in the stage of product development. "

Start Selling joint line is planned to supermarket "Alphabet of Taste".

"Basically," ABC taste "," Crossroads ", is high - all supermarkets that premium is likely to start", - he said.

"We are already building a kitchen factory, this is a kind of room where everything will be produced, and then the restaurants will be delivered - not semi-finished products, but billets. We have already found new premises, have concluded lease agreements and even 2 new burgers will open before the middle of spring. Since June we want to have a grid of five points. The premises of the kitchen factory will be located on Fujitsi - this is the largest distribution center of products that is located in Moscow and the Moscow region. They will bake bread, pour water, make cutlets, cut salads, then it will all be already delivered to restaurants. The room will be about a thousand square meters, while we make the first block of 500 square meters, after the opening of 5-6 points we will build the second block of another 500 meters, "explained Kuryanov.

According to him, investment in the factory-fitted amount to about 30 million rubles, and in the discovery of new burgernyh - More about 45 million.

According to SPARC, Timothy has a stake in 17% in the company "Black Star Foods", which manages the newly opened burgernyh network. Rapper Partners in the project - Yuri Levitas (39%), as well as Paul Kuryanov (17%), Chassa Nzale Tryphaena Walter (17%). The company was incorporated in April.

Photo: On Novy Arbat in Moscow, the official opening of the Black Star Burger restaurant. Co-founder of places rapper Timati took active part in it.

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