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Annunciation Zeya celebrated 80-anniversary

In late October, the Annunciation confectionery factory celebrated its anniversary -80 anniversary of the founding of the enterprise. Employees of the factory were invited to the festive event for friends and partners, the heads of the city administration and distributors.

Factory of 80 years of work has gone through a lot, while maintaining the basic principles: product quality above everything else and dedication confectioners native enterprise. Modernization of production, the collective desire to maintain and expand production under "Zeya" brand are testament to a solid position in the market and the future of sustainable development.

On the day of the anniversary in a festive atmosphere staff factory was handed over 60 diplomas and awards for professional achievements.

The history of the factory began in 1935. The production objective was the production of biscuits for the army. Today the Blagoveshchensk confectionery factory "Zeya" is a modern enterprise that is part of the holding "United Confectioners".

The main achievement over the past two years is the introduction of confectionery products to the international market and the development of exports to China. The factory staff confidently implements the plans, continues to work and move only forward. Confectioners of “Zeya” know that they have serious competitors in the market, but this fact only helps to successfully develop and succeed. The factory does not stand still, constantly expanding its assortment, opening up new directions and mastering original types of products. Currently, several hundred people work at the enterprise, and further development will provide new jobs and increase labor productivity.


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