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"Baltika" beer deliveries beginning in Oman

Baltika Breweries (part of the Carlsberg Group) was the first Russian company to begin supplying beer to Oman, the company said.

The volume of the first batch of Baltika 3 beer, from which it was decided to start deliveries, amounted to 10 thousand.

liters. Sales will begin with the capital of Oman - Muscat, the products will be available in the stores of the network of the largest distributor of alcohol in the country.

Oman is a Muslim country, there are strict restrictions on the sale of alcohol: it is sold only with special permits issued by the police. The country does not have its own beer production, only imports. Import tax is about 100%.

Baltika already delivers beer under its brand to the countries of the Middle East, in particular to the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bahrain and Israel. Baltika's exports to the countries of the Middle East grew in nine months by 18% from last year.

In 2016, Baltika also began exporting to Argentina, Pakistan and Burkina Faso.

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