Hawthorn and lotions took 20% alkorynka Russia

Alcohol-based medicine and perfume lotions that population uses for other purposes, take up to 20 percent of the alcohol market in Russia. On Wednesday, November 30, he said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, transmits RNS.

The problem of consumption of alcohol liquids Russians dual purpose remains unsolved for more than six years, said Khloponin. "It is not only used not for medical purpose alcohol-containing medicines, such as tincture of hawthorn and wild rose, but the alcohol-containing perfume and cosmetic products - lotions so-called" Cucumber "," Nettles "and others", - he said.

alcoholic substitutes market is developing very dynamically, and refresh rate range is alarming, he said. On sale is a food additive, flavoring "Cognac", which is sold through vending machines and the Internet.

"It's called business" turnkey ", guaranteeing a profit as soon as possible. Like their slogan: "We crisis like the wind in the sails" "- ironically Khloponin.

25 November Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed to equate the tincture of hawthorn for alcohol and incorporate it into the Unified State Automated Information System.

In December, the head of 2014 Rosalkogolregulirovaniya Igor Chuyan said that Russians buy annually about 15 million decaliters (in terms of vodka) tincture of hawthorn.

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