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Borjomi goes to "Pure water"

Sharkov Andrew - the owner developer PNK Group - ready to sell your business Borjomi Russia for the production of bottled water "Noringa". His company is one of the five largest suppliers of bottled water at home and in offices, realizing more than 7 million bottles a year.

The transaction value may exceed 1,5 billion rubles.

The intention of "Borjomi Mineral Waters" - one of the structures of IDS Borjomi Russia (part of the IDS Borjomi International) - buy 100% "Company" Pure water "" became known from the Federal Antimonopoly Service. Yesterday, the agency reported that postpones consideration of a corresponding application on the basis of the law on foreign investment in the company, "Strategic Importance for National Defense and State Security".

"Pure water" belongs to Andrei Sharkov, owner of one of the largest developer of warehouse complexes in the country PNK Group (manages and owns objects mostly in the Moscow suburbs with a total area of ​​about 2 million square meters). The company pours water under the brand "Noringa". "Pure water" has production sites in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Zvenigorod near Moscow. The Novosibirsk plant is one of the largest in Russia and Europe in the HOD segment (delivery of bottled water to the house and offices), the company's website says. In addition, Pure Water spills mineral carbonated water in the Novosibirsk region and operates an enterprise for the production of polycarbonate packaging in Berdsk. In 2015, the revenue of "Pure Water" - 576,7 million rubles, net profit - 941 thousand rubles.

Borjomi in Russia manages Lipetsk mineral water plant "Edelweiss L" and by the "Holy Spring" in the Kostroma region. The company produces water under these brands and distributes Borjomi brand and Ukrainian "Mirgorod".

President of the Union of soft drinks and mineral water producers Dmitry Petrov assessed share of "Pure water" on the market in 1-3%.

According to Mr. Petrov, writes Kommersant, the asset may be interesting Borjomi opportunity to enter the market of HOD, where the company was previously not represented. "Clean Water" is one of the five largest Russian players in the HOD segment, the head of the Union of Bottled Water Producers Alena Kondratieva says. She estimates the company's annual sales in 7,2 million bottles of 19 liters (13,6 million dal). According to her, in Moscow the company is practically not represented, its main markets are Ekaterinburg and the cities of Siberia. To work on the key for the industry in the central part of Russia, it is necessary to increase brand promotion more actively, Mrs. Kondratieva points out. According to the interlocutor of Kommersant in the industry, the whole business of Pure Water can cost $ 20-25 million (1,27-1,59 billion rubles at the current rate of the Central Bank).

Director for Nielsen Russia Marina Lapenkova global companies estimates the share of "Clean Water" in October 2015 - 2016 September 0,3% for the year in bulk and in money terms, the share of brand Borjomi - in 7,8 12,9% and% respectively. "Borjomi as a manufacturer of the second year in a leading position. If the mineral water market grew by 4% in real terms and to 7% in value, the Borjomi - in the 8 11% and% respectively, "- she said. All HOD segment in 2015 grew by 7-8% in real terms, adds Alain Kondratiev.

In GC "Dixie" (the network "Dixie" and "Victoria") presented Borjomi brands, "Edelweiss" and "Holy Spring"; "Noringi" in the range of not, said the representative of the group. In X5 Retail Group (network "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads," "Carousel") say that "Crossroads" is the Borjomi brand and "Noringa". Greatest popularity today enjoys the water mid-price segment, the highest number of segment is losing ground, adds a representative X5.

Contact Andrei Sharkov and representatives of "Pure water" yesterday failed. CEO Oleg Mamaev PNK Group is not aware of plans for a businessman on the upcoming transaction. The IDS Borjomi Russia on request "b" is not answered.

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