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British vegans against five-pound notes

In the UK, vegans and vegetarians have created a petition to ban the circulation of the country's new banknotes five pounds of animal fat in its composition, writes Daily Mail.

During the day, the online paper typed 13,5 thousand signatures.

The author of the petition made by Doug Moe (Doug Maw), hotel worker from the town of Keswick. A man who does not eat animal foods for over 20 years, said he was disgusted when he learned that the bills included in the solid fat. According to the man, he does not understand why it was to use the same material as in the old-style bills, if modern technologies allow it not to do.

New bill came into circulation in September 2016 years. After they become one of the Twitter users asked the Bank of England to issue social networks about the availability of fat in the composition of bank notes and received an affirmative answer. The message has angered users-vegans.

47-year-old told Moe that it was a pleasant surprise as an impressive number of like-minded people, but he is not particularly believe in a positive outcome. "I just hope that the bills will continue to be produced without the use of fat. (...) Now a great number of people adhere to the plant-based diet. This is not just a lack of respect for a tiny minority, "- said the Briton.

The obverse of the new five-pound notes image of Queen Elizabeth II, on the reverse - the former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In total 440 million new banknotes were printed.

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