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Burger King is responsible for "lean" discrimination

Angelina Enshin Muscovite is suing the three metropolitan restaurants, including Burger King, «for the imposition of religion." As reported on Thursday, May 5, RIA Novosti, the plaintiff is seeking to recover from the defendants for advertising Lenten menu six million rubles.

Enshin, according to her, had to dine at Burger King, as near the office there are no other cafes or canteens. "Also, two of my favorite places -" Siberian restaurant "Suitcase" and Simple pleasures introduced Lenten menu, "- she complained.

The above restaurants, it felt too actively promote special dishes during Lent. Enshin considers it "the imposition of religious services and a form of discrimination."

The Burger King urban news agency "Moscow" said they did not intend to abandon the proposed menu for the claim Muscovite.

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