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"Burger King" replenish menu "Tramp-burger"

novelty will be "Burger King" in Russian restaurants network - "Trump-burger." This is with reference to the press service of the company on Wednesday, November 9, RIA Novosti reported.

According to a representative of the network, the basis for the new burger was "The worst whopper", introduced to the menu in March. "In fact, this double" The worst whopper. " The only difference - it can not be ordered sauces and Mexican food "- explained in the company.

"The worst whopper" - the spicy dish in the network menu, it contains hot sauce, onion rings and jalapeno peppers.

31 of January, before the start of the primaries in the United States, in one of the restaurants in Iowa prepared in honor of the Republican candidate Donald Trump sandwich consisting of two loaves of homemade bread, ham, beef, cheese and fried onions. For 14,99 cafe client will receive not only the dollar burger, and fries. Parody slogan candidate host institution said that the aim of a new dish - "again to make a great burger."

US presidential election took place on November 8. Donald Trump, according to CNN television, was supported by the electors at 289 270 necessary for victory. His rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, have already admitted defeat.

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