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The former head of Bacardi will become chairman in Diageo

The former head of the company - spirits manufacturer Bacardi Javier Ferran will be the new chairman of the board of directors of the largest alcoholic beverages producer in the world - the British company Diageo, transmits RNS reference to the Financial Times.

Now Ferrand is a partner of the private investment fund Lion Capital, but he has behind him ten years of experience in the production of alcoholic beverages, the newspaper notes.

He enters the Diageo board of directors in June, as a non-executive director and will succeed current chairman - Dr. Franz Humer - after his departure 1 January 2017 years.

Ferrand is also a member of the British brewing company board of directors of SABMiller. Representatives of Diageo stated that Ferran does not intend to be re-elected to the new brewing company board of directors in July 2016 years.

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