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Carlsberg recreated drink-grandparent

Using sophisticated technology research laboratory Carlsberg again cooked very first high quality lager in the world. It is produced using the original pure culture yeast developed in the Carlsberg Laboratory, which 1883 year revolutionized the brewing world.

Surprisingly, the yeast is kept within 133 years in the beer bottle in the old cellar of the brewery, and now leading industry experts were able to reconstruct the camp, which is considered to be the ancestor of most modern varieties of beer.

In the old brewing process was unpredictable, as a result of which often turned out unfit for human consumption due to the beer phenomenon "beer disease." However, in 1883, the Carlsberg Research Laboratory has revolutionized the quality of the question due to the discovery of innovative pure yeast culture, which is possible to obtain high-quality drink with every cooking.

Because in those days "beer disease" was a widespread problem, Carlsberg Company aired a pure culture of yeast called Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis, other breweries free. Today, most varieties of lager in the world are the result of the discovery of pure yeast, including major international brands.

"Without this discovery, we would not have a beer, which now occupies the 90 percent of the global market", - says a leading British historian Martin brewing Cornell.

Recently, scientists at the Carlsberg Laboratory made an extraordinary discovery in the old cellar Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark. They found a bottle of one of the earliest varieties of Carlsberg beer brewed using the original pure culture yeast in 1883 year. After a year of intensive research they were able to extract the live yeast cells from the beverage.

In honor of the celebration of the 140 anniversary of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, leading scientists and brewers re-welded the world's first quality camp in the most authentic way: with the addition of an original pure yeast culture, and using exactly the same recipe, components and brewing methods as in 1883 year. The result is a combination of historical discoveries of the research laboratory and modern advanced quality assurance capabilities by the Carlsberg laboratory.

Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and the Board of Trustees of the research laboratory of Professor Flemming Besenbaher Carlsberg "laboratory is famous for its most unusual innovations of the last century: from yeast cleaning method Dr. Emil Hansen before the invention of the acidity scale, developing the concept of protein structures and characteristics of enzymes. Research Laboratory Carlsberg Carlsberg remains the jewel in the jewelry box, and this beer, lager first best quality, re-created in honor of the historical development of scientific laboratory and its current capabilities. "

For the first time, more than a hundred years, consumers have the opportunity to try the beer, which is not merely an ancestor of most of today's lagers, but also shows off some unique opportunities available to the research laboratory of Carlsberg.

Carlsberg Laboratory was founded in 1875 year for the development of scientific understanding of the processes of fermentation, brewing and fermentation. The laboratory is known for its outstanding scientific discoveries of the last century, since the method of Dr. Emil Hansen cleaning yeast to develop acidity scale, the concept of protein structures and characteristics of the enzymes, which are currently used for low-temperature washing.

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