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Prices of the world's products grew in October 0,7%

The price index for food (FFPI) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in October 2016 0,7 year grew by% compared to September - up to 172,6 points.

In comparison with October 2015, the index rose by 9,1%, RNS transmits a message referring to the FAO.

Prices of dairy products rose in October 3,9% - up to 182,8 points compared with September, on cereals - to 1%, to 142,3 points. At the same time, the international price of oil fell by 2,4% compared with the previous month. meat price index in October fell by 1,7% compared to September, reaching 163,4 points.

Sugar prices rise six months in a row. In October sugar price index was 315,3 points, an increase of 3,4%, it follows from the FAO report.

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