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"Cherkizovo" opened a new poultry complex

The Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest producer of poultry meat, opened the first cluster of a new poultry complex in the Lipetsk region, hoping to completely abandon the broiler's import egg, the company said.

The shop for repair young animals (TSM) in Butyrki village was opened and populated, one site of which will be produced annually up to 220 thousand heads of repair youngsters for the parent herd of meat direction.

The complex, consisting of two workshops of repair youngsters and four shops of the parent herd, will be completely filled in 2017 year. The productivity of two constructed clusters - up to 64 millions of broiler eggs per year, previously hatching eggs had to be imported from abroad. Now own parent herd, owned by Cherkizovo, will be able to satisfy 90 percent of the company's needs.

At this stage, Cherkizovo has invested about 3 billion rubles in a project of poultry farms in the Lipetsk region.

In the immediate plans of the group - the construction of two more similar clusters. A total of four clusters will yield 128 million eggs per year.

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