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"Cherkizovo" increased sales of poultry meat in the 19%

The group "Cherkizovo" reported an increase in operating performance in the core business segments in the I quarter of the year 2016.

Sales segment "poultry" rose 19% and amounted to 128 227 tons of finished products in the first quarter I.

"The increase in sales is due to increased production. In addition, the company decided to minimize the warehouse rests against the backdrop of the lack of the trend towards a substantial increase in selling prices in the market by the summer of 2016 years, which could offset the costs of storage, "- said in a statement. The average sales price of poultry products decreased by 8% for the I quarter of the year 2016 - 88,62 to $ / kg due to oversaturation of the market and reduce the purchasing power of the population..

Sales of "pig" segment increased by 7% and amounted to 40 138 tons of finished products. The average selling price of pig production has dropped to 16% - up to 81,73 $ / kg as compared to the same period the year 2015 and 4% in comparison with IV quarter of 2015 years (85,08 $ / kg.).. "The negative dynamics of prices is due to a decrease in consumer demand, the increase in production volumes in the market and the import of pork from Brazil, as well as the beginning of Lent in March 2016 year", - the report says.

In the segment "processing" sales increased 28% - up to 48 615 tons. "Significant growth was achieved due to commissioning in the second half of the year 2015 Dankovsky meat processing plant, which increased the supply in the market in terms of volume and assortment", - the report says. The average price for the products of meat processing group "Cherkizovo" in the I quarter of the year amounted to 2016 165,11 rub. / Kg against 168,85 rub. / Kg in the same period of 2015 years.

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