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Wal-Mart's net income fell in the I quarter. to 7,8%

Net profit of Wal-Mart the world's largest US retailer, fell in the I quarter (on April 30) 2017 fiscal year 7,8% - up to $ 3,1 billion.

Revenue rose 0,9% - up to $ 115,9 billion, according to RNS citing the company's statement. At constant exchange rates revenue increased 4%.

Analysts expected the company to report earnings of $ 113,3 billion.

Operating profit decreased by 7,1% - up to $ 5,28 billion, at constant rates - to 4,6%, to $ 5,4 billion.

"We are proud of the results for the I quarter, and in many parts of our business there is positive dynamics", - said Executive Vice President and CFO of the company Brett Biggs.

Comparable sales of Wal-Mart in the United States increased by 1%, while analysts expected growth of only 0,5%.

Wal-Mart reported an increase in sales in all of its major foreign markets, except British. Especially strong was the dynamics of sales in Canada and Mexico.

Previously, Wal-Mart reported that expects to save in the current year, revenue at about the same level as in the past, including due to the strong dollar. It is also assumed that the profit will be reduced by 12%. Today, Biggs said that these forecasts remain valid.

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