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Coca-Cola is consolidated in the Japanese market

Negotiations on the merger of Coca-Cola East Japan and Coca-Cola West reached a decisive stage, writes the Financial Times. Both companies expressed their intention to conclude the deal by the end of the year, according to RNS.

In the event of a deal, a new company with a total sales volume of $ 10 billion will be formed. Now the negotiations have reached a decisive stage in which it will be decided whether two companies will be able to conclude a deal before the end of the year.

According to experts interviewed by the newspaper, the merger conditions, as well as the composition of the new Board of Directors may be a stumbling block for the Coca-Cola East Japan and Coca-Cola West.

"The new company will be the largest manufacturer of beverages in the Japanese market, and the second largest producer of Coca-Cola Company, competent management is very important for the company from the beginning," - said Ethan Devine, a partner at New York-based Indus Capital investment company, owns 5,5 % of Coca-Cola West.

In April, two Japanese producer of soft drinks Coca-Cola East Japan Coca-Cola West announced the start of merger negotiations.

In the case of the merger of one of the largest companies in the production of soft drinks will be on the Japanese market. Its direct competitor will be the Japanese manufacturer Asahi.

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