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MP: reduce the cost of useless alkolitsenzii

The proposal to reduce the 65 8 thousand rubles to the size of the state duty for the license for the retail sale of alcohol will not achieve any economic benefit or reducing the share of illegal products, said deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy Viktor Zvagel'skii.

The Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are considering the possibility of reducing the state duty for a license for the retail sale of alcohol from 65 thousand rubles to 8 thousand rubles. At the same time, it is proposed to introduce a requirement to acquire a license for each retail facility.

"What is today pursued by these agencies - is unclear. The issue is not that we are not all the stores are able to pull the license and that a huge number of stores peddling without a license. They that 65 million, 8 - has absolutely no meaning "- said Zvagel'skii RIA Novosti.

According to him, the "RIA Novosti", even for the smallest store 65 thousand rubles for the license for the retail sale of alcohol are quite lift amount. "In my opinion, a utopian idea, and it is not clear what the economic foundation beneath it. If we want to we had more shops selling alcohol, it is wrong, they will no longer be. If we want to overcome the illegal alcohol market among retailers, this has nothing to do: who did not pay 65 thousand, one thousand and 8 not pay ", - said the deputy.

Retailers and catering are currently paying for a five-year license for the sale of alcohol 65 thousand annually. At the same time the cost of the license is independent of the number of sales outlets and their location.

Earlier the Ministry of Industry has proposed to abandon the term limits issue of such a license and issue permits for the term that indicates the licensee.

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