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Deputies undecided c overdue bread

Economic policy of the State Duma profile committee has not made a decision on the bill to ban retail chains represented in the first reading to impose hleboperkarnym enterprises contractual terms of the purchase back over 5% unsold bread.

The deputies decided to re-send the document to the government for a new review.

The authors of the amendments to the law on foundations of state regulation of commercial activities (a group of MPs: Hope Shkolkina Igor Rudenskaya, Irina Spring and others) seeing an increase in retail chains return volumes of bakery products with expired or expiring implementation. The proportion of recycled products is an average of 8-10%, and for some items - up to 20% and always exceeds the capacity of its processing enterprises, developers say.

Now if the baker refuses to deliver the requested amount of grain store, he has to pay for failure, regardless of the real possibilities of the seller's product sales.

As a result, bakeries actually assume the risks of trading networks, are suffering losses, including in connection with the necessity of recycling and transportation of these products.

At the same time, the condition for the return of grain not sold after the expiry of the term is included in supply contracts as a reverse sale of products from the trading network to the supplier at the price of the initial purchase. "Such delivery conditions are forced to take baking plants to save a large buyer," the developers note.

The government gave a bill a negative review. A number of sanitary norms, which is directed against the bill, already canceled, and the current production capacity is excessive at the present level of consumption of bread, said during the committee meeting of the deputy director of department of development of internal trade, light industry and the consumer market Nikita Kuznetsov Industry and Trade. "The volume of industrial baking facilities is significantly higher than the current consumption of the population", - he said.

In the case of the bill, on the contrary, it suffers the baking industry, as commercial networks will increasingly rely on its small bakeries, because in the trade, the law that commodity shelf should be filled, Kuznetsov explained. "We believe the failure of this law will contribute to the further life of industrial bakery", - he concluded.

As a result, the deputies voted for further elaboration of the bill and its re-direction of the government.

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