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Diets low in salt is not all useful

A team led by Andrew Mente (Andrew Mente) from McMaster University has shown that a diet low in salt, contrary to popular belief, is not useful and may even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The results were published in the Lancet. The press release is available on the university website.

The international study involved more than 130 49 thousand people from around the world. Scientists have tried to find a link between low salt intake and cardiovascular system, including irregularities in heart function and stroke. Comparing people with high and normal blood pressure.

The results showed that, regardless of blood pressure consumption of low sodium foods is associated with a large number of heart attacks, strokes and deaths than with an average salt content. However, the decline in the use of large amounts of salt to moderate doses it is still necessary for people with hypertension.

Data showed to writes that there is a limit below which the salt content becomes unsafe. At the same time, the high dose of harmful sodium seems only to those suffering from high blood pressure. Researchers estimate that only only ten percent of the population around the world should reduce salt intake, the rest of this diet will not benefit.

Nowadays nutritionists recommend reducing salt share in their diets in order to maintain health, but that, on the contrary, can aggravate heart problems and blood vessels. However, according to the World Health Organization systemic administration excess amount of salt - more than five grams per day - still leads to increased pressure.

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