"Dixie" reformats "Victoria" supermarkets

Fourth turnover retailer in Russia - a group of "Dixie," the company decided to change the format of "Victoria" supermarkets, which got her in 2011, in the course of the same name competitor purchases from Nikolai Vlasenko, Zaribko Alexander and Vladimir Katzman.

This follows from the last published annual report of the group, write "Vedomosti".

In the division "Victoria" for about 12% of total revenue of the "Dixie", its basic format - the same name "convenience stores". For seven months, the 2016 "Victoria" revenue increased 14,4 21,63% to bn. - Slower than revenue "convenience stores" "Dixie," which increased 22,5%.

Supermarkets Victoria are located in Moscow, Moscow region and Kaliningrad region. In Kaliningrad, the retailer can not actively develop a network where the market share of Dixy after the transaction with Victoria exceeded 25%. "For this reason, the priority of development in terms of geography is the Moscow region," the report says. But the "standard" format of "Victoria" was costly for rapid development, and the scale of business is not large. "The format of the so-called light Victoria was developed, which should help the division to develop more actively in the Moscow region and improve the profitability of the business," the group reported.

Since the beginning of 2016, a new format has been reformatted and tested in the test mode for new 20 stores "Victoria" in Moscow and the region, the representative of the Dixy Group Anton Panteleyev said. In general, the retailer will update the format of some of the already operating stores, but "the emphasis will be placed on opening just new supermarkets." "Plus a new concept - in the opportunity to open it in street retail and shopping centers," Panteleyev added. If the sales area of ​​the "old" "Victoria" is about 2000 sq. M. m, then the "new" - about 1000 square. m. In new stores will be at 20% less employees, says Panteleev (to disclose the amount he refused).

On the lower area of ​​the supermarket will be less and the range of products, including finished products, but will increase the proportion of area under fresh perishable products, it said in the annual report of "Dixie." "For the buyer of changes in store there will be little noticeable as the reduction is due to the reduction plant for the production of finished products" Victoria ", which will be brought from the factory," - said Panteleyev.

Reducing the space for kitchens will allow Dixie to reduce equipment costs and quickly prepare the store for opening. In 2015, a factory of ready-made food was opened, which will provide smaller-sized stores with a part of the range, Panteleev said. The cost of opening Victoria supermarkets in the old and new formats, he refused to name. The cost of opening a standard Victoria supermarket can be about 80 million rubles, and the lightweight version can be about 40 million, general director of Infoline-analytics Mikhail Burmistrov calculated.

"Supermarket format needs to be set up under the new market conditions, increased competition, limited budget consumers, the weak economy. 'Lite' format can become such a decision ", - said a senior analyst at Raiffeisenbank Natalia Kolupaeva. The new format of "Victoria" at area stores will allow "Dixie" consider more options for the lease, it is important for the development of the Moscow region, adds Kolupaeva.

Reducing the size will speed up the development of the network, says head of services to retailers the company JLL Anna Panyukova: the "Victoria" will be wider variety of platforms and in street retail and shopping centers, and the open point will be faster and cheaper. However, competition in this segment has increased markedly, says Panyukova today all developing food retailers are willing to consider such a small area of ​​the room in a good location.

For example, "ABC taste" open supermarkets on relatively small areas - from 550-700 square. m of retail space, reminiscent Burmistrov. "All good large areas are occupied, it is a general trend, and GC" Dixie "in this way can try to get the audience" ABC taste "- he argues. - In addition, the proceeds from the supermarket 1 square. m higher than the discounter, so it allows you to open a supermarket on the areas that are not suitable for a different format. "

Who is the largest supermarket chain in terms of revenue in Moscow - "Crossroads" (63,7 2015 billion rubles for the VAT, the data "Infoline-intelligence."), And "ABC taste" (33 billion rubles.), Billa (31,2 billion rubles ). "The Seventh continent» (17,4 billion rubles.), "Attack» (16,1 billion rubles.) and «Victoria» (14,9 billion rubles.).

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