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We prove harmful sweetener for slimming

The international team of doctors called the use of the popular sweetener aspartame, one of the reasons set overweight. The study is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, briefly about it informs New Scientist.

Scientists within 18 weeks, mice fed a fatty meal. The first half of rodents also gave sugar, the second - aspartame. After completion of the experiment, it was found that animals of the second group gained more weight than in the first. Also, the rodents which gave aspartame, was observed between meals higher than the rest, blood sugar - one of the symptoms of diabetes type.

Previously, scientists have shown, he writes "to" that the use of aspartame alters the balance and functioning of the intestinal microbiota of man, and also leads to the development of metabolic syndrome. In particular, this is the sweetener blocks the production of alkaline phosphatase.

Scientists propose to conduct research on humans. Experts not exclude that aspartame can still be used for weight loss, but in conjunction with the reception of additional products, particularly those that contain alkaline phosphatase.

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