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Drobiz "drink wine" - legalized adulteration

Research Director of the Center of federal and regional alcohol market Vadim Drobiz answering the question of the RNS, why the Russians have switched to cheaper "wine drinks", he said that in 2012, the state actually legitimized the falsification, creating a special category - "wine-carbonated beverage", which can be made from anything.

As a result, the production of sparkling champagne fell from 220 2012 million liters per year to 170 2014 million liters per year. In 2015 was made already 160 million liters this year, sparkling champagne will be produced already 150 million liters.

According to him, this is due to the fact that champagne sparkling has become expensive. Installed from 1 July the minimum price is 164 ruble. Now the excise rate has been raised. Somewhere, probably, since February, in fact, the price will be 185 rubles. This, of course, will further reduce the consumption of champagne sparkling. But for the population there is no difference between a wine sparkling drink produced incomprehensibly from what, and champagne sparkling. People, on the one hand, do not look at the label, on the other hand, sparkling wine drinks are decorated absolutely identical to champagne sparkling: a bottle, a label, a foil, a muzle, only somewhere in small letters it is written that it is a wine drink.

"Champagne sparkling lose the market, because the population moves to a cheaper wine carbonated beverage. This year will be consumed for at least 80 million liters of wine carbonated drinks. The trend to switch to cheaper products have unique, "- the head of TSIFRRA said.

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