Dvorkovich and USDA believe in the potential of the Russian agro-industrial complex

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich sees potential to increase grain production in Russia next decade to 150 million tons per year.

"Now the production is close to 120 million tons per year.

Potential to 150 million in the next decade ", - he said Dvorkovich at a business breakfast at the II World Grain Forum in Sochi.

Dvorkovich noted that in recent years Russia 10 almost doubled grain production.

"If 10 years ago, Russia's share in world exports was 1%, now 10%. Perhaps here we can praise ourselves, "- said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev.

"In view of the drop in oil prices in the first place there is the production of grain. Grain - this is our oil too. It is a commodity, it is an export commodity. And, in fact, in this country pretty well earned, "- said Tkachev. He said that if oil prices do not rise, villagers costs are reduced.

Earlier Tkachev said that in 2016, Russia will gather a record grain harvest - more than 117 million tons of grain exports will reach 35 million tons, Russia will retain leadership in the supply of wheat, beating such major suppliers as the EU and the United States ..

"We are not going to rest on our laurels. We understand that 117 million tonnes - a record, but it is not our limit, "- said Tkachev.

These results, according to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, has been achieved by increasing yields. Over the years it has increased by 60% - up to 17 27 quintals per hectare. He also stressed that in order to achieve these goals, Russian farmers need to actively increase the use of fertilizers.

"We must increase the use of fertilizers in the three times, then there is need to make 8-10 million tons. Only then will we be able to increase productivity by 25% », - he stressed.

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