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Exports of citrus fruits from Morocco in the Russian Federation grew by 20%

Exports of citrus fruits from Morocco to Russia since the beginning of the year to early 2015 2016 year grew by 20% -. To 200 thousand tons, writes local newspaper

Morocco is the third largest supplier of citrus in Russia, second only to Turkey (500 thousand. Tonnes) and Egypt (240 thousand. Tons).

"However, among the professionals in the Russian market it is considered although promising, but difficult to access - mainly due to lack of supply concerns payment guarantees in Russia", - the newspaper notes. Thus, large Moroccan citrus exporters require on average 80% pre-payment for deliveries to Russia.

According to the Ministry of Economy of Morocco, released earlier on the whole over 2015 - beginning 2016, Morocco exported 341 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables to Russia in the amount of 1,6 billion dirhams (10,57 billion rubles.), Which is 24% higher than the same period of 2014. -2015 years. The share of citrus exports amounted to 58%.

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