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Export of agricultural products from the EU continues to grow

Exports of agricultural and food products from the European Union to third countries grew over 12 months - from October 2015 to the end of September this year - by 1,6%, or 2 billion euros compared to the same period a year ago and amounted to billion euros in value terms, in the message of the European Commission.

At the same time, exports continue to grow: for the period until the end of August, the annual figure added 1,3%, reaching the level of 129,5 billion euros, and by the end of July - 0,7%, to 128,198 billion euros.

The largest increase in the reporting period was recorded in exports to the US (by 1,7 billion euros, or by 9%, to 20,5 billion euros) and China (1,3 billion euros, 13%, to 11,1 billion euros), the release says. These countries are the main export destinations for agricultural products from the EU, according to the EC report.

Exports to China are actively increasing lately. For example, for the 12 month to end of August, he added 16% or 1,5 billion euros, and by the end of July - 17,3%, or 1,621 billion euros. Deliveries to the US also show high growth rates: by the end of August - plus 1,8 billion euros, or 10%, and by the end of July - by 9,9%, or 1,802 billion euros, according to EC materials.

Exports to Russia continued to decline - by 7%, to about 5,5 billion euros for 12 months to the end of September this year, the report said. Russia ranks fifth in terms of exports of agricultural products from the EU.

At the same time, writes RIA Novosti, European officials have repeatedly recognized that some branches of EU agriculture are experiencing difficulties. According to European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan, among the most problematic sectors are pig and dairy products. Earlier it was reported that among the reasons, including the Russian embargo and the abolition of EU national quotas for milk.

At the same time, according to the EC, exports of pork for 12 months by the end of September grew more significantly than other products - by 1,2 billion euros, or by 31%. Milk exports, on the other hand, showed a fall on 0,7 billion euros, or 17,2%.

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