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Estonia more than anyone else in the EU has suffered from sanctions

Estonia and the other Baltic countries suffered most from the established EU sanctions against Russia, demonstrates the Geneva Institute of International Relations Research and Development report (PSIG), informs LETA / BNS.

In the past two years, exports to Russia from Estonia have declined, according to a report by analysts.

If in 2013, exports from Estonia to Russia amounted to 39,5% of total exports outside the EU, in 2015, this figure was 26,8%, that is, it fell by 12,7%. In Latvia, the decline in the share of exports was 10,7%, in Lithuania - 9,1%, in Slovakia - 7,7%, in the Czech Republic - 7,3%, in Poland - 7,2%, and in Finland - 7,1%. In the EU as a whole, the decline in the share of exports to Russia amounted to 2,8%.

“We found that EU countries’ economic costs of sanctions do not correlate with how strongly the country politically opposes sanctions, ”said PSIG senior researcher Eric Moret. “Although Greece and Italy were the least affected by the sanctions, they most loudly call for their cancellation.” According to Moret, Greece’s exports to Russia have even grown in some areas.

The least in the EU in its exports to Russia suffered the UK - its share of exports to Russia decreased by 0,6%. Portugal lost 0,7%, Greece and Ireland - by 1,0%, Italy - 2,2% of export from the level of 2013 of the year.

“On the contrary, the most persistent supporters of sanctions - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland - are among the countries whose exports to Russia fell the most,” Moret said.

The EU imposed various sanctions on Russia in connection with the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, in response to which Russia imposed a ban on the import of agricultural products from Europe.

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