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Estonia is looking for new markets in Amsterdam

Yesterday in Amsterdam, the world's largest private label production exhibition started, which, in order to exchange contacts, experiences and ideas, brings together industrial and commercial enterprises from the food and other sectors from around the world.

The food industry of Estonia is represented at the exhibition by eight food industry enterprises, BC Marketing Director Valio Eesti AS Krista Kalbin reports.

Valio Eesti has been participating in the exhibition for the third year already, since participation in the exhibition has yielded real results in the form of new export channels.

"Unlike many other food exhibitions in the world, the exhibition of the Private Label Producers Association, or PLMA - is the place where we have established business contacts that expand exports. The relations created at the exhibition helped to sell products made from Estonian milk under the trademark Valio, and under its own brand. Thanks to participation in exhibitions of the past years, Valio products are now sold, for example, in Greece and Poland, "said Mayo Soloviev, Managing Director of Valio Eesti.

According to the head of the Union of Food Producers Sire Potisepp, after the embargo was imposed by Russia, the production of private label products for the Estonian food industry has become a significant outlet that provides many enterprises with access to new export markets.

"In order to win consumer confidence in export markets, brands with an unfamiliar name should make great efforts. At the same time, one's own trademark in the trade networks can immediately attract the attention of the consumer and provide a decent amount of production. The production of Private label products has helped many Estonian food industry enterprises maintain the working condition of production lines and maintain the volume of exports, therefore the plants see PLMA as a great practical value, "Potisepp said.

At the PLMA trade fair in Amsterdam from the food industry in Estonia, Valio, Farmi, Balbiino, Salvest, Saku Õlletehas, Liviko, Balsnack and Snack Time are represented. The participation of the Estonian food industry in the exhibition is organized by the Union of Food Producers.

Visitors to the exhibition PLMA are waiting for a total of 4300 boxing and 60 pavilions of different countries or regions.

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