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Estonia expects bad grain harvest

The grain harvest this year due to the long spring drought and rainy the first half of August 50-60% lower compared to last year's results, reports LETA / BNS.

"Harvest catastrophic - said grain broker Copenhagen Merchants Indrek Aygro. - If the optimists are hoping that the harvest will fall to 35%, the pessimists fear 50% solution of recession. I do not remember another such year. "

According to broker said that the harvest this year primarily spoiled rainy first half of August, when rainfall for two months. "It is the most active period of the harvest and it spoiled the quality of grain, it was impossible to get to some of the fields, the grain has become unusable," - he said.

In addition, the irreparable damage caused to crops of spring drought in late spring, due to which the bad grain sprouted, and those that have sprouted, received little moisture, Aygro said and added that the most affected wheat - the main and most major field crops.

Chairman of the agricultural association of the largest in Estonia Jaak Kevili Läänemets said that the harvest this year will be "extremely poor". As Aygro, he noted as reasons for the spring drought, the rains of August, as well as rainfall in early February.

Läänemets added that this year we can even expect an 60% reduction in yield compared to last year.

At the same time, and Aygro Läänemets noted that last year in Estonia, a record cereal crop was harvested, so the comparative base is extremely high. "The last three years we have a little spoiled, these were years of very good crops," - added Läänemets.

He also said that if previously in a difficult situation were breeders and milk producers, but this year it also turned out grain. Kevili, buying up grain from Estonian farmers are not collected in this year predicted the number of grains.

In 2015 year in Estonia it was harvested a record grain harvest, which for the first time exceeded $ 1,5 million tons, according to the data of Statistics Department. Yields spurred a sharp increase in the export of Estonian grain, which last year amounted to 137,8 million euros. The main target markets are Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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