Estonian sprats are waiting for an invitation to Russia

The Estonian Veterinary and Food Board has not yet received official information from the Rosselkhoznadzor of Russia about the possible resumption of exports of sprats to Russia, the ministry's press service said on Monday.

Assistant Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Alexey Alekseenko told reporters on Friday on the sidelines of the World Grain Forum in Sochi that the agency may authorize the supply of sprat to Russia from Latvia and Estonia after the New Year.

"At the moment the Rosselkhoznadzor did not tell us about a possible resolution to resume the export of fish products to Russia, as well as on the results of control tests last summer," - said in a statement.

Rosselkhoznadzor has recently carried out the inspection of the Estonian fish processing enterprises in June of this year.

The Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia has received confirmation from the Rosselkhoznadzor that the possibility of lifting the ban on Latvian fish products is under consideration, said the head of the public relations department of the PVS Ilze Meister.

Confirmation was received in a phone conversation, but as stated by representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor, the final decision will be taken after the report is completed on inspections on the Latvian fish processing enterprises, Meister said.

She added that the report would take a few more weeks, and then PVA Rosselkhoznadzor informs about the results of the inspection, the decision and further action.

In the summer of 2015 years a ban on the supply to Russia of canned fish with 31 44 Estonian and Latvian factories. By decision of the Rosselkhoznadzor products have been withdrawn from sale. The ministry said that the ban was related to the identification of systemic violations, including inadequate control of product safety and the content of benzopyrene.

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