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EU: 41% of harvested wheat is feed

Analytie agency Strategie Grains in the latest forecast for the quality of this year's harvest in the EU indicated that part of the feed wheat in the crop will be 41%, which is 7% more than previously forecast, reports LETA / BNS.

Last year, the share of fodder wheat in the crop was 29%.

The forecast of the harvest of food wheat is reduced by 1,4 million tons to 136,5 million tons, which is less by 10% than last year.

According to the portal "", the export of food wheat to the EU this season will be 23,7 million tons, which is one million tons less than previously thought.

In Latvia, due to the vagaries of the weather, part of the food wheat will go only to feed livestock, but the total harvest will be good - about 2,629 million tons.

Exchange prices for feed wheat in September compared to the same month last year decreased by 9%, for food - by 10%.

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