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The European Union has extended sanctions against Russia for six months

The European Union has officially extended the economic sanctions against Russia for six months. According to Tass, citing the press service of the EU Council extended sanctions 19 December "against certain sectors of the Russian economy."

The sanctions will be in effect until July 31 2017 years, according to the Council's statement.

The Council recalls that in March 19 2015, the EU tied the restrictive measures in respect of Russia to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine. "Since the Minsk agreement have not been fully implemented by December 31 2015, the Council extended the authorization until July 31 2016, and then until January 31 2017 years. Evaluating the implementation of the Minsk agreements at the EU summit in December 15, the Heads of State and Government paved the way for the extension of sanctions for another 6 months, until July 31 2017 ", - he explained the Council, adding that today the decision was formalized by written procedure.

In mid-September, the European Union has extended for six months the validity of the black list of individuals and organizations of Russia and Ukraine, which includes representatives of the Russian leadership, politicians, businessmen and security officials, as well as almost the entire leadership proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic (DNR and LNR). Blacklist - one of the three independent packet of EU sanctions.

Until the end of January, 2017 is subject to sectoral economic sanctions, and by the end of June 2017-th - trade and visa restrictions with respect to Crimea within the framework of the EU strategy on non-recognition of the reunification of the peninsula with Russia.

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