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The FAS eyeing the New Year's champagne

FAS may verify the facts overpricing of champagne and other products before the New Year, if the price starts to rise sharply and there were suspicions of collusion in the market.

He told reporters the head of the Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemyev.

"We do not really want to interfere in markets where competition is very high. Especially, to some dates. Previously, everything was done for the 24 Congress of the CPSU, and the New Year was such a civilian good, cheerful holiday. I would not really like to interfere in the sales markets of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. But if we see elements of collusion, if the price suddenly starts to rise sharply not because of the demand factor that can be counted, but, for example, because of the producers' collusion, if we have such signals, yes, this is our work, "said Artemyev told reporters answering the question whether the FAS will check whether manufacturers and retailers overestimate the cost of champagne before the holiday.

Our task - to watch what is happening in the markets, he said.

Earlier Roskachestvo reported that undertake a study of champagne, check 60 beverage samples on the eve of the New Year.

"Champagne will check for the presence of artificial aeration, heavy metals, and yeast, the mass fraction of alcohol, an excess of citric acid, and added sugars. About 60 samples of semi-sweet sparkling wine will be purchased within the next week ", - explained RNS press-service.

The study will test the wines produced in Russia, Belarus, Spain, France, Italy, Georgia, Abkhazia and Ukraine.

"Consumer tests will cover, among other things, the domestic wines of the Crimea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Krasnodar Territory, Leningrad region, Dagestan", explained in the press service of the Rocky.

The test results of champagne Roskachestvo present in December.

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