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The FAS holds the dairy market price analysis

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) analyzes the market prices of dairy products in order to prevent a sharp rise in prices, RNS reported the press service of the regulator.

"At the moment, in order to prevent and to avoid sharp rise in prices for dairy products social control management and trade FAS Russia analyzes the price situation on the dairy market", - reported the press service of FAS.

In case of violations of antimonopoly regulation measures will be taken, stressed the governor.

Chemical Industry Control and agribusiness The FAS has analyzed the situation on the dairy market and the factors that affect the price. According to the study, in the market of dairy products annually declining offers of raw milk, the cost of which ranges from up to 35 70% of the cost of dairy products. This is due to a decrease in population of dairy cattle and the tightening of regulatory requirements to the safety indicators of raw milk and its acceptance of the farms, not safe for bovine leukemia.

"In addition, there is a fluctuation of the volume of raw milk, depending on the season. The difference between the proposals can be 2-4 times ", - noted in the FAS.

Also on the increase in costs expensive packaging materials affect the production of dairy products, the increase in transport costs, numerous non-tax payments.

"We believe that the growth stage," producer - processor "price is influenced by objective market situation", - said Head of FAS Anna Mirochinenko.

Earlier Audit Chamber reported that the promotion of milk products on the market adds to its value more than 100%.

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