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The FAS: subsidies accrue to the clans, not farmers

The Head of FAS Igor Artemyev does not exclude "the highest potential for corruption" in the allocation of selhozsubsidy.

"I would argue that in Russia selhozsubsidii battered always select group. This was done "under the table" and, probably, with the highest potential for corruption ", - said Artemev, reports" Interfax ".

FAS will check the distribution of grants in numerous regions. "There comes a grant to the address of the administration. this is nowhere you can not read the message. Two friends and three brothers receive these subsidies ... Farmers do not know nothing, get nothing. Sue fear silent. Applications do not submit to us. And so from year to year ", - said Artemev.

"Irreversible subsidies or preferential subsidies gets elected exclusive circle or clan", - said the head of the FAS.

"What we are doing now? We are now demanding - and the decision is made - to change federal legislation and amend all regional acts, because everything should be open ", - concluded Artemyev.

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